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Astaxanthin for skin

Updated: Jan 7

Astaxanthin anti-aging benefits for skin. We present a summary of the topical benefits of natural astaxanthin on skin.

Aside from the normal course of aging, human skin is constantly subjected to environmental attacks which strip away moisture, induce premature wrinkles and increase vulnerability for age-spots. Environmental factors like sunlight , ozone and other pollutants reduce the skin’s resistance and make skin look older than it really is. A closer look at the mechanism of action reveals that those factors cause excessive levels of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) to build up in skin and inflict damage at a cellular level. One way is to cut down the presence of ROS by topical treatment. Research shows that natural astaxanthin from Haematococcus microalgae is a powerful carotenoid that penetrates skin and protects each dermal layer from ROS related damage.

Clinical studies have proven that astaxanthin can improve both dermal wrinkles caused by degeneration of elastic fibers and the collagen network. It does so by protecting the collagen network maintaining their collagen production capacity. It particularly targets the corner of the eyes, the cheek area and the forehead.

Astaxanthin also helps lighten dark spots. It is a potent protection against ultraviolet radiation, assisting the skin in protecting itself against damage by the sun. Simply put, it lightens age spots by preventing too much melanin. With the constant heat in our country, an astaxanthin solution is the perfect add-on to the SPF you use in your skincare regimen.

In addition, because it protects the skin from the sun's damaging UV rays, it improves the elasticity of the skin, which keeps your skin smoother and moisturized.

Natural astaxanthin reduces UVB induced inflammation probably via the NF-kB kinase dependant pathway. The less stressed the skin is the better.

Needless to say, astaxanthin is the breakthrough solution to your anti-aging concerns. It targets fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and everything in between to make your skin looking fresh and young. More importantly, astaxanthin is safe to take with no toxicity or any adverse symptom found with high dosage intake. With astaxanthin, you'll have the skin-saving antioxidant you need.

Astaxanthin for skin
Astaxanthin for skin

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