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How Astaxanthin fits in
Sports Nutrition

When it comes to endurance, performance and quick recovery time - Natural Astaxanthin provides unparalleled benefits to both athletes and anyone looking for improved performance in their workouts. 

Natural Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that works at the cellular level to increase energy utilization and reduce the muscle damage that comes about from training and in-game play.

Numerous studies have been conducted in various sports fields and examined the effect of Astaxanthin in improving performance, and the ability of the body to recover after athletic activity.


Astaxanthin magical athletic abilities are learned from salmon fish - natural Astaxanthin is the power generator that allows to salmon swim up raging rivers for more than a week - this is the greatest endurance feat in all of nature!

Based on this fact, researchers in Sweden did a 6-month clinical trial on young, healthy, late teenage students to see whether Astaxanthin would have the same effect in humans that it did in salmon.

The men were required to do deep knee bends to exhaustion after a warm-up period.

The participants consumed a very low dose of Astaxanthin — only 4mg per day. The study lasted 6 months, allowing Astaxanthin to affect the entire body.

Results showed that astaxanthin increased strength and endurance by 62% in 6 months. The placebo group also showed an improvement of 22% - strength and endurance increased three times faster in the young men taking Astaxanthin.


Other Studies on runner groups and cyclists also showed a significant improvement in performance and recovery after activity in those who regularly consumed Astaxanthin.

In a Swedish study of tennis players, it was shown that Astaxanthin alleviated pain and improved mobility of the joints, which significantly affected the quality of life of the players.

All this shows the amazing ability of Astaxanthin for professional athletes and also for those whose sport is part of their daily routine and want to improve their abilities and keep the body stronger and healthier.

Astaxanthin Growth Process
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Lab Stage

Growing the alga under sterile condition 

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Indoor Stage

Growing under optimal conditions to obtain maximum algal biomass

icon 03.png
Outdoor Stage

Exposing to natural environment and stress conditions to induce Astaxanthin production

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Downstream processing for production as

powder or oil

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Development of formulas for Astaxanthin-based products in many fields

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